I want to register as a model at NJ Model Management, how do I do that?

Go to the get scouted page and fill in your details as completely as possible. We will process your registration and contact you within five working days if we are interested.

Are there requirements to become a model?

The high-end international fashion industry requires models with a height between 1.75m and 1.80m and dress size 34-36. When your measurements do not meet these specific requirements, but you are interested in becoming a model, and you think you have what it takes, please do not hesitate to send us your photo´s.

Do i need to have an portfolio?

NO you do NOT require a portfolio to apply to become an model at NJ Model Management. Snapshots from your phone are fine, you can check out the page get scouted to see what photos are required, however if you have a professional portfolio because you modeld before with another agency, we will happily get to see this.

How otften can i expect a job?

No agency will guarantee work. Once you are signed to an agency it is up to the client’s requirements for you to be selected for particular jobs. Remember, agencies make their money from you as a model by taking a certain percentage out of your earnings. Therefore they will only decide to take you on their books if they strongly believe that they can successfully place you in jobs, however no agency will guarantee work.

What if I am still going to school?

Of course we will mainly suggest you during the time of your holydays. But be aware, most productions & castings are scheduled during the week. In particiular cases, the problem can also be discussed with the school management, in order to find an individual solution. Important at this point: proper communication between the parents and the school.

Do i have to pay to be recruited into the agency?

No, neither the admission in our model agency, nor the date of the meeting are charged. We only get the common agency commission of the respective fee, if we sign you sucessfully and you get jobs.

Will i be proposed for testshootings?

To build your portfolio, we propose you to matching requests from photographers. The test shoots are mostly based on tfp. This means that the shoot does not have to be paid by either side and both parties use the resulting images to build their books. Also Naomi does a lot of test herself. So we can spent time together working on your skills.

When will i appear on the website?

Not all our models appear on the website immediately. Basically, first your portfolio must have a certain professionalism and diversity in order to be presented online. Regarding any placements this is nothing to worry about. The chance to be recommended for a job are the same for all of our models, since our customers always receive a suitable query from our complete board.

How much will i get paid?

Rates for models varies from client to client. some rates can be hourly and daily. Once you are signed with an agency you should have a very clear understanding of all rates including the percentage your agent will take from your earning, you can refer back to your contract to keep track of your earnings.

Do i need to travel?

Yes. Modelling can involve traveling and this does depend on the location of shoots and castings for you to attend. We are focussing on the international market, therfore you need to be available and open to traveling for long(er) periods also.

How long will it take to get my job?

This could take some time if you are a fresh face. We need to train you and put together a portfolio first. Ofcourse you sign with us and so if you are ready we put you out to clients.

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