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Ready to get noticed? Then you're in the right place to become a successful model!
First and foremost: you don't need any previous experience or a portfolio. So, don't be shy. It's time to introduce yourself to NJ — and just maybe the world!

As you complete your application, remember you're trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you. Use this platform to show us who you are and what you look like at your most natural. Your best bet is to grab your parent, sibling, or best friend - the person you trust most snapping your picture on their smart phone camera - and start having fun. When in doubt, think passport photo over fashion shoot. Good luck!



  • age 14 - 22 years

  • height 175-180 cm

  • size 34-36 



  • 1 close-up, 1 total shot, 1 profile shot, 1 head shot

  • without any make-up

  • taken outside in daylight in front of a neutrally coloured wall

  • wear a tight top and a skinny jeans preferably with black or white

Info to include in your e-mail

  • name

  • age

  • height

  • bust, waist and hip measurements

  • hobby's

  • school


As you might understand we can't answer anybody as we have so many applications a day. If we’re interested we will get in touch with you within a week.


Important notice! It sometimes occurs that models are approached by us via social media or in the street. If this is the case we will always ask you to contact us and discuss follow-up procedures. Unfortunately there are many people active now pretending to be model scouts and may try to approach you. If there is any reason to doubt their intentions or working-methods we advise you to contact our agency.

Get scouted


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