Since March 2020 I have a contract with NJ Model Management and that has been one of the best decisions ever! The personal contact with Naomi is so great! In addition, she puts just as much effort into the career of her models as they do themselves. That is a very nice feeling! I hope to be able to visit many different places for modeling in the future and Naomi gives me confidence that this dream might become reality. I want to thank Naomi very much for everything she has already done for me and I am really looking forward to what the future will bring! 


NJ model management is my first agency, after the introductory meeting I immediately knew that I would like to sign with her. My preference was for personal guidance, which NJ offers. I am still very happy with my choice and Naomi is a winner. Naomi is always available, whether it is during the week of the weekend. At the time of writing I am about staying in Istanbul, and hope to make more fun trips. NJ model management offers opportunities to work full time after school, and she tries to arrange the best for you. NJ model management also has a good connection abroad and is always looking for good opportunities


NJ is a super nice agency with a lot of personal attention; you can always app / call Naomi if there is something or if you have a question. Since I joined NJ I already have a contract with several agencies abroad and I have been able to do some jobs for these agencies. Naomi takes a good look at you as a person and uses that to look for a desk that is close to your past. At NJ Model Management you are also well guided in achieving your sizes without being put under too much pressure!

Anne F

I have been with NJ model management for almost a year now. I used to be bullied and never thought I could become a model. But Naomi saw something in me and from that moment on she worked very hard to make my dreams come true with me. And it worked, I always wanted to run a show from an early age, and in February I was on the catwalk in Paris. My dream came true! I have also been to Milan, Barcelona and Athens. For me NJ model management is the very best agency. Naomi is always there for me, and I am forever grateful to her for giving me this opportunity


I have been with this agency since December now and I really love it! I like that this is a small agency with a lot of personal attention. If there’s anything you can always app of call Naomi . I just returned this summer from Istanbul, it was my first ‘real’ modeling trip, it was a great experience and she helped me with that. Naomi has great communication abroad and that also helped me signed with agencies in Paris, Germany and Barcelona. I’m happy to say that Naomi is my mother agency!


I have been with NJ for almost 2 years now and I’m so happy to call Naomi my mother agent. What makes NJ special is that it’s a small, personal agency which in my opinion is the best. Naomi is always there for her models whenever you need her, at any time of the day. I wanted to become a model for so long and now my dreams are finally coming true. In the past two years I worked with so many amazing people in Barcelona, London, Paris and Milan. Last February I walked my first fashion show ever for Comme des Garçons at Paris Fashion week, which was the most amazing experience so far and I hope to do many more!


I have been with NJ Model Management for almost two years now and it felt right from moment one. Naomi knows how the modeling world works and therefore knows what she is talking about. If you have any questions, there is always someone who can help you. What I like about the NJ office is that it is at home. You enter and there is a homely atmosphere and that familiar. Naomi has many contacts within the modeling world and that means that every model really has assignments that belong to her past. I enjoy working at NJ Model Management


I have had a contract with NJ model management since October 2019. When I first came to Naomi I had no experience with modeling at all. Thanks to Naomi's personal attention, I have already learned a lot about the modeling world. The communication with Naomi is super good, if I have a question or want to say something I can always contact Naomi, this gives a familiar feeling. I am very happy that I can embark on this adventure with NJ model management!

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